Sabado, Oktubre 19, 2013

Registration and Speaker Updates

Just a friendly reminder to those who haven't registered yet: Better act soon because seats are running out!

With only a few weeks of preparation, our team is overwhelmed by amount of support we've received, judging by the number of registrations we've had in the past few days.  Anne Olvido of GDG Bacolod, Arjay dela Cruz of GDG Davao and myself would like to thank everyone who've liked and shared our promotional posters both on Google+ and Facebook.  Thank you, thank you, thank you!  

You might also be wondering who some of our speakers will be.  We're excited to announce that we've booked Eric Su of Lifebit, John Naranjo of Ingenuity and Rolly Rulete of Pagesnapp to speak during the event.  These three are way up there in the local developer community of Davao City and can't wait to share their knowledge to our attendees. We also got Googlers Aileen Apolo and Jerome Locson to come over and grace our DevFest, with Aileen keynoting and Jerome talking about Google Apps for Education.  I'm leaving out a few more speakers on purpose, and you will know who they are once our full program of activities is published by Monday.

If you want to meet all these awesome people and rub elbows with fellow devs, sign up now if you haven't already done so.  Thank you!

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