Huwebes, Oktubre 24, 2013

We're Full. *Burp*

Slots are filled, registration is closed... What now?

View our Full Program here to know what to expect during DevFest, and while you're at it, decide which stream of breakout sessions suits you best.  Talks during the breakout sessions tend be more technical and it really helps if you brought along a laptop or a pad of paper to take down notes.   DevFests also offer a great opportunity to meet smart, like-minded people.  Ideas will be flying around the session halls on prospective startups, partnerships and job opportunities, so don't forget to bring your business cards if you have some.  Print a few if you don't! Moreover, don't be shy!  Be sure to ask questions during the Q&A portions of each talk.  We usually give away schwag to those who do (hint, hint).  That being said, just be yourself (but only less shy) and enjoy the ride!

See you at DevFest Davao!


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